Excellent class & Instructor for all round strengthening!

I’ve been going to Kate for about 4 years now and she is a fantastic instructor! I first joined to build my strength back up after having a baby and she helped me do just that! I was having zero confidence that I’d be able to get myself back in shape but Kates Pilates class was perfect and she helped me trust that I would get there! Kate always makes sure we all know what we are doing properly so we can get what we need from Pilates and see/feel the results, whether it’s recovering from injuries or to strengthen & tone! I was keen to continue with Pilates while pregnant with my 2nd child then, and Kate was so helpful in adjusting the moves for me all throughout, which allowed me to return with ease again postpartum! I try to never miss one of Kates classes because going each week motivates me more to always stick with it as I can feel my core strength improving every week! Any general aches, pains, stiffness I might have during the week also, I always feel better after the class as I now know a good stretch for nearly everywhere thanks to Kate!

Lisa Mullin
Senior Business Analyst in Fund Services

Why try Pilates with Kate?

Kate is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor for Beginners, Intermediate, Prenatal Mat Pilates and Advanced Mat Pilates. 

Easy to follow classes. Step by step clear instruction.
Challenge yourself in your own space, at your own pace of movement.

Online live classes to join or pre-recorded classes to suit your timetable.

Local classes in the studio in Firhouse and Tallaght.